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Street Wars NYC is a tabletop skirmish game created by Funky Skull Games where you command a gang of local hoodlums looking to make a name for themselves in 1970’s New York.

Street Wars is easy to learn and offers lots of fun for friends and enemies alike. It will immerse you in 70’s Gang warfare, where you will fight with your gang in one-off games or as part of a larger Campaign.

The Rule Book comes printed in a size of 185 x 248mm with 88 pages. This is similar in scale to many of the popular games rules at the moment and we have chosen this after advice from fellow gamers on how easy it is to carry.

The cards will be within the rulebook so that players can cut out and use for the game. These will also be available as a downloadable pdf.

  • 20 x Weapons Cards
  • 25 x Event Cards

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