New Kickstarter and Rules Supplement

This one is for all you Street Thugs

I have two new announcements to make. Firstly we will be launching a new Kickstarter Mid November that will be short and with a low funding goal. The aim is to fund the new Street Wars NYC Gang The Mollies.

The Kickstarter will offer backers the opportunity to pledge for the Mollies gang along with other options for the current gangs and rules. The campaign will see a few new MVP’s released that will be unlocked depending on the success. The miniatures have all been 3d sculpted this time which we hope will see us releasing gangs quicker and more frequent using this short Kickstarter method.

Second piece of news is that we are currently working on the first supplement for Street Wars NYC, Battle of the Five Points. The update is set in the mid to late 1800’s of New York City when City was a political and racial cauldron that allowed Gangs to thrive and rule the streets. The supplement will see updates for new gangs like the Bowery Boys, Dead Rabbits, Forty Thieves and even some Chinese Tong gangs.

There will be a number of new rules within the supplement that will see players able to take control of larger gangs with groups of street thugs, new special attributes and a new campaign where you look to take control of the Five Points. This will not be a new figure range as I feel there are number of good ranges already available and we have been supported by Lon at who has great gang figures for the period.

I will keep you updated over the next few weeks on the Kickstarter by giving you previews of the artwork, 3d renders and the figures. The launch will be at a difficult time of the year but I didn’t want to delay a new gang much longer and I hope as many of you as possible can support this.


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