Street Wars NYC is a table top skirmish game created by Funky Skull Games where you command a gang of local hoodlums looking to make a name for themselves in 1970’s New York.

Street Wars is easy to learn and offers lots of fun between friends and enemies alike. It will immerse you in 70’s Gang warfare, where you will fight with your gang in one off games or as part of a larger Campaign.

Game Size: A standard game of Street Wars is around 8 miniatures. Suitable for 2 or more players you will each take turns at activating your gang members to perform a number of actions. You will test your brawn against your enemies in a one on one fighting or by ganging up on the weaker enemies to take you on the path to glory. Campaign games start off with 5 miniatures in a gang with players building upon them. We recommend that no more than 15 minis be used in any one gang.

Gang selection: The Kickstarter starts with two initial gangs with many more planned. The starting gangs are the Black Cobras and the Devils Outcasts.

Game Cards: The rules book uses a number of cards to help the game flow easily. These cards will be available with the rules as a print that requires cutting. Hopefully as the campaign grows we can unlock the cards as a free upgrade to the rules.

  • Event cards let player interrupt play with events that can help to trun the game in their favour.
  • Weapons cards allow players to keep track of the weapon their gang member is armed with.

Cool in game actions: Players can have their gang member causing havoc in the street by carrying out muggings on New York Citizens, vandalising the Streets with their gang logo or making a shady deal with a local dealer.

Game Scenarios: SWNYC rule book contains 8 scenarios that will challenge the gangs on the streets. Scenarios from straight up Rumbles to a gang carrying out a robbery in The Big Score.

Full Campaign Rules: The rules will contain full campaign rules and map, which will allow you to fight over New York’s Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. Players will start the campaign with a small gang and a number of turfs with the aim to expand your territory to increase your income and gang size. As you battle through the campaign you will be able to expand your gang and upgrade member’s ranks and weapons with the income from the local shops protection money. Characters will suffer injuries and may need to visit the hospital to get patched up. Or maybe the Cops will get hold of you, and you will have a visit to stand in front of a judge.