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Devil’s Outcasts

Type: Mix Raced Skinhead Gang

Leader: Tremor

Turf: Lower East Side, Manhattan

Threads: Denim Cuts and Jeans

Enemies: Black Cobras, Dragon Tongz

The Devil’s Outcasts control the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where they hang out at McMull’s Irish Bar. As one of New York’s most notorious mix race gangs, they have built a reputation as a group of mean sons of bitches. The leader of the gang is Tremor and it’s said that you can hear him coming before you see him. The Outcasts and the Cobras have a very unhealthy rivalry after Animal killed Nizzy a Cobra Lieutenant who strayed too far from home when attending a club in L.E.S. The Dragon Tongz are a local rival, which the Outcast often clash with for turf.

The gang grew out of a rift between Tremor and the Warlord of his previous gang, after a disagreement on allowing non-white members to join the gang. Tremor started the Devil’s Outcasts to welcome his brothers of all colours as long as they can fight.