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Black Cobras

Type: Black Kung Fu Gang

Leader: Shogun

Turf: Soundview, Bronx

Threads: Martial Arts Suits

Enemies: Devil’s Outcasts, Ghetto Lords, Zulu Warriors

These guys have been born in the rubble and are tough nuts to crack. Growing up they have been taken under the wing of their Warlord Shogun, who strives to make the lives of the black kids in Harlem better by turning them to Martial arts.

The discipline and the fighting style they learn has made them the most feared gang in New York. When the Cobras come looking for you, you had better run. The Cobras have rivalries with local South Bronx gangs the Ghetto lords and Zulu Warriors, along with The Devils Outcasts from Manhattan. In ’75 the Outcasts wasted Nizzy one of the Cobra Lieutenants at a Nightclub in the Lower East Side, which has led to much blood shed on both sides since the event.