IKEA Wargaming Table

IKEA Wargaming Table

By Iain McDonald (Flags of War/Funky Skull Games)


This article will hopefully show gamers how to build a simple 5 x 5 gaming table that is both cheap and easy to build. It doesn’t involve much work other than building IKEA furniture and some drilling. The table offers a great surface and also fantastic storage options.

Since moving into my new house in December 2017 I have been desperate to fill the space in my man cave with a gaming table. I already have my paint and computer station so all I need was a table for playing games.

I had been looking at all these wonderful tables on the internet that guys had built or hired someone to do it for them. I spent a lot of time studying these tables and coming up with plans for me to build my own. In the end, I spent more time looking at the tables than actually building anything. I had some experience of building furniture as I studied furniture design when I was younger but I hadn’t done anything for a number of years and never anything this size.

Due to this, I decided to come up with a more simple solution that I would get done quickly and started looking at the options available on IKEA. I already had the LIMMON table top for my computer/painting workstation, so why not look at using it again. My daughter also has the KALLAX shelving for her collectable figures and these seemed like the perfect match.


What you need:

LINNMON Table top (Black-brown) X 2



KALLAX Shelving unit (Black-brown) X 3



B&Q Zinc Effect Steel Mending Plate (L)100mm, Pack of 4




B&Q Silver Zinc Effect Mild Steel Corner Brace Bracket X 2



Steps by Step

Step 1 – Measure out space

Due to size restrictions, I was not able to get a 6ft x 4ft table option so I went for the biggest I could get in the man cave I have. I measured out space and was able to easily get a 5ft x 5ft gaming table and this would suit most of my gaming needs

Step 2 – Buy items

As you will see from the list above I only used IKEA and B&Q for my items. Some of the braces I got from B&Q can be bought cheaper elsewhere but I wanted to show everyone what is easily available to pick up.

I went to IKEA and picked up 2 of the LIMMON table tops and 3 KALLAX shelving units. A quick trip to B&Q and I was able to get the braces I needed to join my tale together. The total came to £152.04

Step 3 – Build KALLAX units

Build each of the KALLAX shelving units. The units are very easy to build and in true IKEA form, they have simple to follow instructions.  This will give me some great storage options and IKEA also supply inserts that can give you drawers or boxes.

Step 4 – Join LIMMON table tops

Once the KALAX units have been built I put them in the positions that wanted them for the finished table. This allowed me to place the LIMMON table tops on to check the table fully laid out.

While the table tops were laid I joined them together with a mending plate along the side of the table where they join. This gives a sturdy join and also allowed me to make sure I had a flat table surface. I then used another two of the mending plates underneath to give an even more robust join.

Step 5 – Attach table top

With the units in place and both LIMMON table top laid on top, I used 2 of the corner braces to join each of the KALLAX units to the table top. I never took any precise measurement where to join and kind of went with what I thought looked right.

Finished Table

Hopefully, this can give can provide other gamers with a simple and cheap gaming table with storage.

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